Health benefits of eating garden eggs

Health Benefits of Eating Garden Eggs as a Student in Nigeria

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As we may have learned, fruits and vegetables are essential to healthy living. Their importance must be considered. It is said that one who consumes lots of fruits and vegetables can avert certain health risks.

Students need to take note of this as some are sometimes found guilty of only snacking on cookies and taking so much soda without paying so much attention to fruits and vegetables.

One exceptional vegetable that may come in handy for students in Nigeria is garden eggs. It may be surprising to learn that eating garden eggs has many health benefits. 

Garden eggs, also known as African eggplants, are a type of vegetable originating from Africa. They belong to the nightshade family, which includes other vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes. It is a ubiquitous vegetable consumed in Africa. 

The garden egg itself is from the garden eggplant. It is an oval-shaped berry that can be white, green, yellow, or red. It may taste slightly bitter or very bitter, depending on the species. 

This article will highlight the health benefits of eating garden eggs. 

Benefits of Eating Garden Eggs as a Student

  1. Eating garden egg regulates blood pressure

One of the health benefits of eating garden eggs is that it helps to regulate blood pressure, thereby maintaining the heart’s function. The risk of hypertension is significantly reduced in people who consume garden eggs because it controls glucose absorption. 

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  1. Eating garden egg is good for vision

Another one of the health benefits of eating garden eggs is the bitter-sweet taste, which is because of the presence of small amounts of nicotinoid alkaloids and the spongy consistency in the yellow-color flesh that helps people with glaucoma. Garden egg lowers the pressure on the eye without side effects, making it a great vegetable to add to the diet. 

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  1. Eating garden eggs helps to boost the immune system

One of the precious health benefits of the garden egg is its components, which help build the body’s immune system. Elements such as iron, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, and protein found in garden egg helps to boost the immune system, which aids the body in fighting microorganisms and, subsequently, diseases. 

  1. Eating garden eggs may help in treating ulcers

Another of the health benefits of eating garden egg is that they may become instrumental in the treatment of ulcers as it acts as an anti-ulcer agent. These anti-ulcer agents in garden eggs help to suppress ulcers, although they do not prevent them.

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  1. Eating garden eggs reduces cholesterol

One of the health benefits of eating garden egg is that it is low in calories, sodium, and protein and is very high in dietary fiber and potassium. Garden egg helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body and protects the heart. Another one of the benefits of eating garden eggs is that because the garden egg is low in calories, it would make an excellent diet for weight loss. 

  1. Eating garden eggs can prevent and help treat diabetes

An important note amongst the health benefits of eating garden eggs is that it is excellent for those with diabetes. This means they can have garden eggs as often as possible without worrying about diabetic complications. Diabetes helps to regulate blood sugar and prevent the elevation by inhibiting critical enzymes associated with the development of type 2 diabetes, thereby controlling glucose absorption.

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  1. Eating garden egg helps to improve digestion

One of the benefits of eating garden eggs is the instrumental fiber composition found in them, which is essential for the digestive system. Garden eggs helps in good bowel movement and removes toxic wastes from the body.

Eating garden eggs also helps with the smooth passage of food in the body, thereby preventing bloating and constipation.

  1. Eating garden egg is rich in vitamins

Another of the health benefits of eating garden egg fruit is that it is rich in vitamins, which provide the body with fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. The thiamine content is helpful for proper heart functioning and the nervous system, and niacin is for adequate cellular respiration.

  1. Eating garden egg is useful in anemia cases

The presence of vitamin K and bioflavonoids in garden eggs helps to strengthen the capillaries, thereby improving blood levels and reducing the risk of anemia.


In conclusion, we have seen that eating garden eggs is not for the meal but is full of health benefits. It would help your heart, immune system, blood pressure, and blood sugar. A regular diet containing garden eggs is what every student must consider.

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