by Rejoice Nathan

What do you know about entrepreneurs who are always at the top of their game? 

Is it that they understand the market and possess every needed skill to sell?

Are they good negotiators who know their onions? Or are they simply good at what they do?

Come with me as I share with you a secret that has helped top entrepreneurs in Nigeria build and sustain profitable businesses over time. 

One major secret of entrepreneurs who stand out in their industry is subscribing to knowledge and consistent business exposure, staying up to date with market reports, trends, and innovative technology.

Not only that, putting in place systems, and structures that are capable of positioning their business as an authority in their niche.

Now, you may wonder, “How do entrepreneurs access all this?”

Entrepreneurs gain access to all of this information and more on YouTube.

As a result of that, for you, I have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs. Let’s get into it.

Top 10 Youtube Channels For Entrepreneurs

  1. Entrepreneur

This is one of the most resourceful YouTube channels for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. 

They have a specialty in sharing business ideas, offer mentorship for business owners and provide guidance in the most interesting, entertaining and simple ways. 

Their question and answer sessions are aimed at answering the questions of entrepreneurs and providing them with the right resources to upscale their businesses. 

These sessions include detailed teaching and illustrations.

Also, entrepreneurs get the chance to connect, communicate and ask specific questions which have always been tagged helpful.

Visit Entrepreneur here.

  1. TEDx Talks

TEDx Talks is an international community that organises business talks, mindset development sessions and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs on YouTube and outside. 

They are popular for hosting events anywhere and everywhere in the world, as they invest in celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to the global stage. 

On this channel, you’ll obtain firsthand information from professional entrepreneurs concerning business development, decision-making, and lessons from their years of experience. 

Both old and young individuals who have proven records of success in their various niches are also given opportunities to tell their success stories. 

Visit TEDx Talks here.

  1. Insider Business

This channel carries all you want to know about business. It is one of the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs. 

It keeps you informed on the latest news on business analysis and all around business discoveries.

Also features exclusive interviews of successful business leaders, business tips and strategies with information on financial management. 

These are essential knowledge for every entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Visit Insider Business here.

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  1. Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a part of the Top 10 Youtube channels for entrepreneurs.

This is the best channel for you if you’re looking at starting up a business, or you’re already running and looking at developing one.

This channel is a community of startups, founders, innovators and creators. 

They embody rich discussions and dissections of thoughtful topics across business entrepreneurship. 

With this channel, you’ll learn how to scale up your business with speed using some marketing strategies and leveraging their pitch competition exercises.

Visit Startup Grind here.

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  1. GaryVee

Garry Vee is a serial entrepreneur that acutely recognizes trends and patterns early and invests in helping others understand how the shifts impact the market. 

Listening and watching Garry Vee reinforces some level of motivation and inspiration to entrepreneurs as he touches and addresses necessary areas in building and maintaining business structures. 

He also documents his life as an entrepreneur, organises question and answer sessions with the aim of understanding other entrepreneurs’ pain points and providing possible solutions.

Visit GaryVee here.

  1. Web Tv

Web TV is a digital television channel focused on serving her audience with business documentaries alongside financial market information that helps you make investments and business decisions.

This channel contains rich nuggets on technology, economy, banking, and investments. It carries updates of business events, interviews, webinars, boot camps etc. 

Web Tv is one of the amazing Youtube channels for entrepreneurs.

Visit Web Tv here.

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  1. Y Combinator

This channel invests $500,000 in every startup and work intensively with the founders for three months for the life and growth of the company.

Y combinator supports founders and grants them access to the most powerful communities in the world. 

They are more concerned about business builders and entrepreneurs. 

They also provide sales strategies, equip and prepare your mind with what you need to build a sustainable business. 

Visit Y combinator here.

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  1. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford graduate school of business is another one of the top channels for entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

They are in the business of raising change-makers in the areas of business, and professional career leaders. 

On this channel, you’re exposed to business insights from thoughtful leaders in various business industries across the globe. 

They host executive leadership programs that throw light on the importance of proper business management and strictures. 

You learn to upscale your business and entrepreneurship journey.

Visit Stanford Graduate School of Business here.

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  1. Moz

This channel focuses on marketing and various marketing strategies.

They keep entrepreneurs updated through their workshops, training and explanatory teaching on the latest business visibility strategies.  

Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires you to obtain both the basic and deep knowledge on how to sell your ideas to larger audiences, and there are strategies to achieving these milestones. 

This is why MOZ stands exceptional and fills the gap for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building and broadcasting their ideas for more visibility. 

On this entrepreneur’s channel, you get to  learn important skills like communication, sales, branding, SEO, and digital marketing.

Visit Moz here.

  1. Insight Elite

Insight elite is a top entrepreneur and career coaching site, specifically made for Nigerians. 

This is where you get insights on the latest news, trends, and innovations on various career paths, lifestyle and entrepreneurship. 

They expose you to an already existing network of successful entrepreneurs. It is a community where your business is promoted, and your brand stands in the limelight. 

Visit Insight Elite here.

In Summary

YouTube has proven to be one of the biggest sources of information and knowledge, containing the best channels especially created for entrepreneurs. 

There are lots of successful entrepreneurs on YouTube who have dedicated their time, energy and resources to help and equip founders and growing businesses. 

The above channels are carefully handpicked to ensure your all round information on entrepreneurship. 

You can also find short clips that contain enriching information in a few minutes. 

Subscribing to these channels put you at the top of your competitors, and I bet that is where you’ll love to be.  

Another hack that helps your growth as an entrepreneur is to subscribe to our newsletter and youtube channel so you won’t miss out on our latest posts and entrepreneurial webinars.

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