Give Your Business a Global Recognition by Getting Registered on the Corporate Affairs Commission today

by Taiwo Sotikare

Announcement: To Business Owners Who Want to Register Their Business But Don’t Know How to Get Started


Did you know registering your business can open special doors like grants, bank loans, investors, and business partnerships? 

Do you know you may lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure millions of Naira in financial support for your just business if your company is not registered?

Do you know another person may steal your business name, register it and still sue you for using his business name? 


Registering your business or company name is compulsory in Nigeria. In fact, it is the first step every serious entrepreneur should take if you want to be successful, especially in this online business age. 

According to Punch, a business name is the first step to protecting your business online.

How founder can protect their brands online

In fact, it is punishable by law when you operate an unregistered business. This could mean millions of Naira in fines or closing down of the business completely. 

I’m sure you don’t want that for your business, right?

If you really want your business to grow and soar in its industry, you have to register your business, and I’ll explain why in a bit.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get immediately after you do register your business:

  • Raise capital by allowing investors to jump on board. Not just that. It also gives you access to low, medium and long-term loans that you can use to grow your business.
  • It helps in getting more customers to your business. Business registration gives you credibility and makes it easier for people to do business with you. They feel like they can trust you more and you can’t scam them.
  • It gives you a brand identity, which helps you differentiate your business from other businesses. It also gives a sense of seriousness and purpose to you and your customers
  • When you register as a limited liability company, your personal assets get protected from the business. You will be able to risk your business resources without having to pay back with your personal property if things ever go south. This is because your business is a separate entity from you, and would be treated as such.
  • Takes you to a stage where you can now compete with the biggest names in your industry. 

So, after reading all these benefits of registering your business, the next thing you are wondering is how you can go about it smoothly.

That’s understandable. We also went through the headache until we met with a CAC agent who walked us through the whole process. 

After completing our company registration within just 5 days, he was shocked. Well, that is because we discovered some formalities during the process. 

And as it is our culture to help business owners and entrepreneurs, we have decided to save you tons of headaches and contribute to your business registration and management. 

I mean, what is the purpose of having knowledge and resources at our disposal at if we can not help you?

Our goal is to help build and develop your business, so you can reach and exceed your desired goal.

How much do you need for business name registration and company name registration?


Firstly, the standard price of business name registration by some agents is N35,000, and company registration is N85,000.


But we are, with a primary purpose to make life easy for our community. A community you’re lucky to belong to

We are making you a one-time offer that may swell up anything soon.

We would like to help you with

Business Name Registration – N23,000

Company Registration – N45,000

No extra fee!


Our promises

Beyond helping you with business and company name registration, you’ll also get free business consultation, which will cover Branding, Marketing, and applying for a business grant. 

In fact, we will be giving you a free eBook on how you can apply for a $5000 Non-refundable Business Grant. Consider it our token of encouragement because you have shown seriousness in taking your business to the next level.

This eBook will, however, be given to only the first 50 people. 

So, message Taiwo today on WhatsApp via 08146770866



What is the difference between a business name and a company name registration?

Business name registration means you are reserving your business name so that other businesses can’t use your name again. It is purely reserving it that any time you are ready to complete registration, you will always own your name. With a business name, you still have access to all the bonus offers, but you will still need to do your company name registration in the future. However, your name would have been reserved. 

With the company name, your business will be incorporated and ends with either Ltd. Or Limited, as you like.


Can I do the name registration myself? 

Honestly, yes. You can. The only problem is you may encounter too many problems and may end up spending more than what we’re asking. Our business expert team is directly at your service to save you time, headache, and possibly extra cost.


Must I come to your office to do the registration? 

No. Everything will be online. And you will also have your registration documents delivered to you in PDFs also. We will guide you on how you can print it at anytime you want.


What if I don’t have the full money now?

Hmmm. We love you, and we will like to assist. However, you will need to pay at least half of the money and you can balance it up within 1 month. When you complete your payment, you’ll get your CAC certificates and other important documents.


Are you guys legit?

Yes, we are 100% legit. As you can see, we have our own CAC registration, so the federal government of Nigeria recognizes our company. Also, this is – we are known for our innovation and credibility. 

Send us a DM now, and let’s help you start and complete your business and company name registration within 7 days.

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