How to Generate Content for Your IG Page

by Oluwanifemi Akintomide

It isn’t a lie that brand social media managers and individuals (this is if you run your page yourself) often face the hassle of what to post, how to post, and keeping up with the social media demands of their business. To succeed at this, you must know how to generate content that will increase your presence.

Social media is growing at a fast pace and the place of high-quality and engaging content is a huge part of growing a business. Instagram is one of the top valid places to engage and connect with your target audience, where you’ll find them, get them to know you, and do business with you. The app is also out to support you through its new features such as landing page creation, product tagging features, targeted ad campaigns, etc. 

instagram analytics

Grow your instagram page

It will, therefore, be a wise move if you can make the most use of the platform while keeping in mind that good quality and fascinating content is a useful tool for promoting brand awareness and growing your business.

In this article, I highlighted a simple step-by-step procedure on how to generate content for your instagram page, which could improve your marketing strategy and enhance your reach.

Let’s dive into it.

Steps to Generating Content for Your Instagram page

1. Define your content goals


Content Goals

By content goals, I mean what aim your content wants to achieve. The difficulty in knowing how to generate content for your Instagram page or what type of content to create will drastically reduce if you have a well-defined goal. 

Whatever area of business you do, your goal could be to grow your audience, build a community, get more engagement, or make more sales. So taking the time to define your brand goal will go a long way to guide you on how to generate content for Instagram.

2. Know your audience


Know your audience

You can’t create content and be oblivious of the people it is meant for. You must know the kind of audience that your content is targeted at because the audience determines the kind of content you’ll put out. For example, if you sell ladies’ clothes, most of your audience would be ladies, not men. If you’re for business owners, then you know you’re not to create content for students.

Therefore, be familiar with your audience, their interests, pains, and desires.

In doing this, you can then think of how to generate content for your Instagram page that will be useful to them. 

3. Be familiar with the platform, Instagram.


Instagram logo

Your content will be much more effective if it aligns with the platform’s specifications. Because the truth is different platforms have slightly or vastly different modes of operation. To know how to generate content for your Instagram page, you should be familiar with the algorithm and system of the app.

You now know that Instagram is mostly about visuals, i.e., photos and videos, unlike Facebook and Twitter work with text more.

Learning about its other peculiar features such as reels, stories, Instagram TV (IGTV), Instagram live, and feed and how they work will give you insights into how to create content for Instagram that will be in tune with the platform requirements.

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4. Come up with content idea


Focus on a particular niche

If you have taken the steps listed above, then the next on the list is to source for IG content ideas. Ideas are everywhere if you’ll be calm and open to seeing them.

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Below are some of the ways to get IG content ideas: 

  • Social media


Social Media Platforms

Social media is broad with billions of people and lots of information. If you look closely, it’s a good place to get content ideas; you can take a survey of your audience and look at their posts and comments.

On social media, you also see other content from which you can learn and draw ideas. 

  • Similar brands

You can get IG content ideas from other businesses in your industry that are doing well and have a lot of engagement. Not that you want to copy them, but knowing what others are doing is great so that they can guide you with yours.

Generating content for Instagram page can also be by reposting some of the content you know your audience is interested in. Take permission before doing so and give credit appropriately. 

You can do this using a repost tool such as Repost for Instagram. This makes it easy to repost photos and videos on Instagram while giving credit to the original owner.

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  • User-generated content

 A great way on how to generate content for Instagram page is by encouraging your customers to create content around your product or service and tag you in it. This is called user-generated content.

You can do this by offering giveaways or referrals or discounts etc. This strategy is used by many brands and companies like FedEx, GoPro, Starbucks, etc. Of course, you are free to try it out as well.

  • Repurpose old content  

Generating content for Instagram page could also be by repurposing old content. For example, if you’ve been in business for a while and already have some content published, you can repurpose them to make them new again, such as turning a blog post into carousels or making a video review.

I shouldn’t end this part without giving you some IG content ideas. They include creating educational videos like how-to videos, webinars, product/service highlights, behind the scenes, hosting a Q&A with your audience, telling your story or hopping on a popular trend, and posting funny memes to keep your audience engaged as well as inspirational content.

 These are very good means of generating content for your Instagram page.

A quick tip to always remember here is to ensure that you connect with your audience on an emotional level, as people want to know the real you. 

5. Create the content


An example of a quality instagram page, Insight Instagram page.

It would be sad if you have a great content idea but fail to create it the right way. You should know some things to create IG content in the best way possible. They include; 

  • Make use of templates

Suppose you want to share a new product with your audience or share some business-related tips that will benefit your audience. You don’t have to be a professional designer before you can produce good visual posts. There are some online design tools with ready-made templates that you can use, such as Canva, Adobe, and Venngage.


  • Use high-quality images

You know that Instagram is a visual-based platform and that people can relate more to visuals than text alone. It is important to include images in your content, not just images but high-quality ones. You can get them from Unsplash or for free. 

You can use these free images in your template to make good designs.

  • Videos

You can proceed with this with a knowledge of basic photographic techniques, and you can make use of your phone. 

To know how to generate content for your instagram page, it should be done with the mindset that different content ideas are meant to be produced in different ways to get maximal results. So don’t use a particular content type all the time. It bores your audience.

For example, if you’re a chef, you can do images of your food in a carousel post and show a tutorial for making a simple recipe in a video. 


6. Schedule and Publish your content


Instagram is a good platform to promote your business

After you’ve created the content, the next thing is to publish it. While some people create content when they need to publish, others use apps such as Hootsuite or Creative Studio, a Facebook-native tool, to schedule their content.

App scheduling is a great idea because it allows you never to miss your content publishing and makes you publish your posts at the best time. 

7. Measure results and keep publishing. 


Measure your results

Generating content for your instagram page does not end with just publishing and publishing content. First, you need to measure results. Next, seek insights into your already published content so that you can make necessary improvements in your next posts. 

Analyze your top content to see why it worked and pattern others after it.

The Instagram app provides insights such as reach, impression, website clicks, etc. 

In all, generating content for Instagram page and seeing good results will become a piece of cake if you know how to find your way around it. I believe that the tips above will help you achieve that. 

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